Apple Corps Gets Physical

Every other Friday, the Apple Corps teams gets together for group trainings and/or volunteer service. While our work weeks can be quite busy, Fridays can be a welcome change in pace and setting. I think it is not only a chance to catch up with one another and the progress at our various work sites, but an opportunity to frame the work we do in the larger picture of community awareness and involvement. I see health and wellness inequities as inherently tied to racial injustice and economic disparities. We’ve volunteered at a variety of non- profits that focus on different social issues.

Last Saturday, the team worked with Habitat for Humanity of East King County. Habitat for Humanity builds safe, affordable homes for families.  While many people think H4H gives the homes to families for free, that is actually a misconception. Families buy the homes at the price it cost to make it, as opposed to its market value rate. The difference between the market value and the cost of construction can represent a significant increase. Affordable housing is a rising concern since the housing market’s decline. The organization relies almost completely on donated land (on which to build the homes), donated supplies, and donated labor (as well as their own AmeriCorps team). Volunteers get right down to business with nearly all aspects of construction.

Team Members: Cameron (L), Amelia, and Heidi


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