Apple Corps 2011-2012

Welcome to the Apple Corps 2011 – 2012 Blog!

Thank you for stopping by to learn about the great work that our Apple Corps members are doing.  My name is Mike and I am the Apple Corps program supervisor.  I have been with the Apple Corps since May of 2008.   The program was started in 2007.  The first Apple Corps members  worked together in a partnership  called the Eat Better Feel Better project with the Seattle Nutrition Action Consortium (SNAC) to provide nutrition education and school wide promotions for a group of Seattle elementary schools.      Over the years we have gradually grown and added placement sites beyond the Eat Better Feel Better project.  This year we have 10 members at the following programs: Danny Woo Gardens, Eat Better Feel Better,  Feet First,  King County Food and Fitness,  Lettuce Link, Partners in Caring.

I hope this blog is informative and gives you a clearer idea of the great projects that our members are working on.  Please feel free to explore the blog.  You can always contact me at if you have any questions about the program.  Thanks.


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