Welcome Apple Corps Team 2013-14!

Solid Ground is pleased to welcome our new team of Apple Corps members! This year we have a team of 10 AmeriCorps members (8 new, 2 returning) serving across King County, working to address the root causes of obesity and hunger in underserved communities. This year we will build upon the legacy of past Apple Corps members to promote health and health equity for children and their families.

Where will we serve?
In addition to Solid Ground, our partner sites include: Feet First (2 members), Hunger Intervention Program, Southwest Boys & Girls Club, and Danny Woo Community Garden (2 members).


What will we do?
Serve over 2,000 students through health education programming, which means…

  • Teach nutrition to elementary students.
  • Plan and implement in-school and community-based walking promotions.
  • Teach children gardening skills.
  • Provide healthy weekend meals to hungry students.
  • Coordinate school wellness policies.
  • Organize active play during recess.
  • Advocate for social and racial justice.

If you’re interested in learning more about our health promotion work, please visit our website: http://www.solid-ground.org/programs/nutrition/applecorps/Pages/default.aspx


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