My, where did they all come from?”


From the very generous efforts of Emerson students is where! In celebration of Halloween this year Apple Corps members Lisa and Brian organized a Candy Collection Charity. As an effort to encourage a healthy holiday students were put to the challenge of donating all, or a portion of their ‘trick or treating’ bounty. Emerson was motivated by partaking in an act of kindness through donating all their candy to military personnel overseas. As a further motivating factor, and to be less like Cruella De Vil, a smoothie party was awarded to the classroom that collected the most candy.


Halloween Day students at Emerson took part in an interactive squash activity that included estimating the amount of seeds in their respective squashes. Though the big day was Nov. 1st. Students came pouring into the school doors lugging their haul of candy from the night before. Lisa and Brian went classroom to classroom to collect their donations and put them up on the scale to get a weight count. The total candy count came out to an astonishing 121 pounds! That’s 121 pounds of candy that will not be eaten by students this year, 121 pounds of candy that will serve as a sweet reminder of home for military people, and 121 pounds of lifting for Lisa and Brian! The entire school community was thrilled to see such great effort put forth, way to go Emerson Eagles!


As an equally generous contributor to this promotion, we would like to thank Seattle Kids Dentistry ( for graciously offering to pay for and process the shipping of our candy donation!


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