About Us


Apple Corps is a program of Solid Ground, which supports more than 55,000 King County residents each year to meet their urgent housing and food needs, enhance their life skills, overcome poverty and thrive.

Apple Corps is a cohort of 10 AmeriCorps Members whose work is focused on addressing root causes of hunger and other health inequities in underserved communities.


Through 10.5-month terms of service, Apple Corps Members address root causes of hunger and other health inequities in underserved communities.


Solid Ground’s 40-year history of innovation and partnership has created many of King County’s most effective antipoverty programs. Today, you’ll find Apple Corps Members working in schools and community organizations, educating youth, connecting families to local resources, and tending urban farms throughout Seattle/King County.

To learn more about our individual assignments, please click the “Projects” tab at the top of our blog.


Apple Corps Members begin their terms of service in early September. Check out the Solid Ground website for more information about becoming an Apple Corps Member.


Many Seattle residents experience institutionalized barriers to equitable health and wellness. We work to counter racism, oppressions and the institutional practices and policies that perpetuate poverty by improving access to nutritious food, physical activity, and community-based health resources.


Apple Corps Members are individually placed with partner organizations to develop and deliver programs relating to physical activity, nutrition, and gardening. Our Apple Corps Members play an integral role in shifting health cultures in their community through direct service. Day-to-day an Apple Corps Member can be found providing youth education, initiating physical activity promotions, and/or providing food security at their individual sites.

For more information about the Apple Corps Program of Solid Ground, please contact Program Supervisor, Samantha Brumfield at:


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