Fifth Grade

Fifth grade lessons focus on Healthy Eating Around the World and the cultural history behind many of the foods we eat. Students engage in history lessons, while learning the important role food has in many cultures around the globe. Each lesson highlights a different country and features a signature dish from that country which is prepared mainly by the students.

Lesson 1: Mexican Black Bean Tostada

Lesson 2: Chinese American Fried Rice with Sweet and Sour Cucumber

Lesson 3: Eastern European Sweet Potato Pancakes with Homemade Apple Sauce

Lesson 4: East Indian Lentils and Rice Pilaf

Lesson 5: Japanese Veggie Maki Sushi

Lesson 6: Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

Lesson: 7: Filipino Egg Noodle Pancit

Lesson 8: Somali Baasto [Spaghetti]

Lesson 9: Italian Bruschetta

Lesson 10: Greek Falafel with Tzatziki [cucumber yogurt dip] and red pepper hummus [garbanzo bean spread] Recipe Coming Soon!

Lesson 11: Ethiopian Tikal Gomen [Cabbage] with Mesir Wat [Red Lentil Puree]

Lesson 12: El Salvadorian Pupusas


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