Third Grade

Third grade lessons focus on the plant parts we eat. By exploring the science of plant anatomy, student gains a deeper understanding of where fruits and vegetables come from and their important role in keeping us healthy. Recipes are adventurous and very hands-on, allowing students to practice knife skills, and demonstrate kitchen safety.


Lesson 1: MyPlate Quesadillas

Lesson 2: Garbanzo Bean Hummus

Lesson 3: Root Vegetable Latkes (Pancakes)

Lesson 4: Celery with Black Bean Dip

Lesson 5: Leafy Green Stir-Fry

Lesson 6: Fruit Kebabs

Lesson 7: Skillet Granola

Lesson 8: Whole Wheat Pancakes

Lesson 9: Great Big Tossed Salad

Lesson 10: Plant Parts Soup

Lesson 11: Brown Rice Tabouleh 

Lesson 12: Confetti Pasta Salad


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