Meet the 2014-2015 Apple Corps Members:

Apple Corps Supervisor

Samantha Brumfield

Samantha (our fearless leader) recently joined the Apple Corps team as the Program Supervisor. She oversees 7 full time Apple Corps members and manages several community partnerships. She brings nutrition education and youth development experience, national service experience with AmeriCorps, a Master’s of Public Health degree from UW, and a passion for community health and social justice. She is a Pacific Northwest native and has lived in Seattle for 5 years. She enjoys exploring the city, cooking and baking, running, playing outside, and curling up with a good book. One of her favorite vegetables is the sweet potato!

Lettuce Link

Cooking Matters

Anna Lourie

Apple Corps Nutrition Educators

Kelly Shilhanek

Hey-o, I’m Kelly! Originally hailing from the northern town of Bellingham, I have lived in a variety of locations since high school, including Argentina, Oregon, Mexico, and for the past year, Seattle. I am happy to now call this beautiful, fascinating, and hilly city home! This is my second year serving as a School Nutrition Educator at Concord International Elementary School, and I am so excited to continue learning from and working with students, staff, families, and community members in the South Park neighborhood. Part of what makes me (and all of us) tick is food, and having the privilege of cooking with young people and preparing fresh and tasty snacks is something I enjoy every single day! When I’m not working, you can find me hiking in the pine-scented Cascades, slowly pedaling up a hill on my bicycle, creating delicious meals with friends and family, and playing and dancing to music.

Abby Temple

Hi, I’m Abby!  I grew up in Denver, but moved to Seattle for school. After graduating I spent some time working in Washington, D.C., followed by a year teaching English in a small city nestled in the Andes of Ecuador. The juiciest berries, bluest water and luscious summer days brought me back to Seattle. I talk, think and dream about food more than just about anything else, and I have always loved sharing food with others. I am so humbled to be able to work with the students, staff and community of Emerson Elementary School as a Nutrition Educator. Working with kids has shown me just how exciting vegetables can be!

Danny Woo Children’s Garden

Katie Amrhein

Lauren Wong

Hunger Intervention Program

Brian Lach


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