Welcome Apple Corps Team 2013-14!

Solid Ground is pleased to welcome our new team of Apple Corps members! This year we have a team of 10 AmeriCorps members (8 new, 2 returning) serving across King County, working to address the root causes of obesity and hunger in underserved communities. This year we will build upon the legacy of past Apple Corps members to promote health and health equity for children and their families.

Where will we serve?
In addition to Solid Ground, our partner sites include: Feet First (2 members), Hunger Intervention Program, Southwest Boys & Girls Club, and Danny Woo Community Garden (2 members).


What will we do?
Serve over 2,000 students through health education programming, which means…

  • Teach nutrition to elementary students.
  • Plan and implement in-school and community-based walking promotions.
  • Teach children gardening skills.
  • Provide healthy weekend meals to hungry students.
  • Coordinate school wellness policies.
  • Organize active play during recess.
  • Advocate for social and racial justice.

If you’re interested in learning more about our health promotion work, please visit our website: http://www.solid-ground.org/programs/nutrition/applecorps/Pages/default.aspx


Apple Corps Members Awarded Conservation Champions!

This week was a call for celebration (a zero waste celebration) as Apple Corps Nutrition Educators Lisa Woo and Brian Sindel were both named “Conservation Champions” at their respective schools, Emerson and Van Asselt Elementary. The Conservation Champions Award is given by Seattle Public Schools to individuals who foster a culture of conservation at their sites. Both Lisa and Brian’s contributions to their schools more than qualified them to be nominated for this prestigious honor.


Lisa transformed this once abandoned area into a verdant outdoor classroom!

First let’s look at winner #1’s green profile: Ms. Lisa Woo.

For those of you who are devoted followers of the Apple Corps Blog you may already know that Lisa has been hard at work building and tending her school garden at Emerson Elementary. Starting with some old rickety garden beds and a swath of overgrown shrubs, Lisa has miraculously transformed Emerson’s garden into a beautiful living classroom. With her physical garden in place she has taken her nutrition lessons outside the school’s four walls as she now leads garden exploration classes with her students. In addition to showing her gardeners the importance of healthy, locally grown produce; she also ties in themes of environmental stewardship.

Van Asselt

Brian’s revived this forgotten garden giving his students the chance to explore nature’s wonders!

Now to our second winner’s green profile: Mr. Brian Sindel

Just like Lisa, Brian has also been spending time working on his own school garden at Van Asselt Elementary. With the garden Brian has designed lesson plans to invigorate his students’ curiosity and appreciation for the natural world. Though, Brian still spends most of his time working inside the classroom and his award is a result of his composting efforts. As a way to eliminate the term ‘food waste’ from his students dialect, he has created a system of collecting compostable items from his lessons and taking them offsite to avoid the landfill.

Most importantly, as Conservation Champs, Lisa and Brian have helped green their schools in more ways than one. Part of the award includes $400 for each of their schools to use in continuing and future conservation efforts. Not to mention they also received Certificates of Appreciation to frame on their walls.

Here’s to their hard work and their ability to not let their new found celebrity status abandon their ‘roots’!

Three Cheers for Apple Corps Member, Eileen!

Last week Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! physical activity and healthy eating initiative recognized the Highline Public School District, just southwest of Seattle, for their outstanding work in building healthy communities that serve their children and youth in the area!

Check out the article!

Ms. Eileen playing ball with her students on a beautiful Seattle day!

Ms. Eileen playing ball with her students on a beautiful Seattle day!

With Apple Corps member, Eileen Schuetz serving as the Active Play Coordinator at two sites within the Highline School District we want to applaud all her hard work over this past year! Eileen facilitates cooperative play at White Center Heights Elementary School throughout the school day then quickly hops over to the Boys and Girls Club down the street to continue to lead and coach team games and sports in after school and evening programs. Eileen also dedicates many of her weekends to coaching in the non-competitive basketball and soccer leagues (her basketball team went undefeated all season!). As part of the after school programs, healthy dinners are provided to attending youth.

Thank you, Eileen for all your hard work and contribution to the accolades Highline received!

Apple Corps Now Hiring!

The Apple Corps project is now hiring AmeriCorps Members to serve in our communities. These full time positions are 10½ months long, starting September 1st, 2013. Members receive a monthly stipend of $1,155, plus a $5,550 education award at the end of their term of service. 

Apple Corps members will be placed at sites throughout Seattle to provide direct
service to schools and non-profit agencies. Members collaborate with schools,
community groups, and local organizations to educate children about nutrition
and physical activity, improve policies affecting child health, and connect families
to health-promoting resources. Additionally, members will recruit and train
community volunteers in under-served neighborhoods, and develop their own
leadership skills by participating in team trainings and local service projects.

Apple Corps, as a program of Solid Ground, is committed to undoing racism. Members
will engage in year-long training to explore and understand the relationship between institutionalized racism, health disparities, and poverty.

To apply, please complete an online AmeriCorps application at http://www.americorps.gov. (Go to “I’m Ready to Serve” and search by Health programs in Washington State). Applications accepted until June 3rd, 2013. For more information about this opportunity, please email applecorps@solidground.org.